Essentials Workshops

New Scholars “Essentials” Workshops are special sessions devoted to assisting junior scholars with their professional development in key areas.

CIES 2016 Essentials Workshops included:

Other past sessions have covered the following topics:

  • Pursuing non-academic careers: Maximizing your academic experiences outside academia (2015)
  • The academic job market (2015)
  • The early years of academic careers: Hints and tips to stay afloat (2015)
  • Publishing: Hints and tips for turning research into publications (2015)
  • Balancing work, life and mental health in academia (2015)
  • Beyond IRB: Research ethics on the ground (2015)
  • Publication process (2014)
  • Academic careers: The early years (2014)
  • Preparing for an academic career: What you need to know (2014)
  • Pursuing non-academic careers: Maximizing your academic experiences outside of academic (2014)
  • Comparative methodology (2014)
  • Planning and preparing for research in international contexts (2013)
  • Pursuing non-academic careers (2013)
  • Delivering effective academic presentations (2013)
  • Professional qualifications for non-academic jobs (2013)
  • The academic job market (2013)
  • Tips on writing and publishing (2013)
  • Non-academic careers in comparative and international development education (2012)
  • Tips for funding (2012)
  • Preparing for an academic career in comparative and international development education (2012)
  • Writing and publishing information and tips for new scholars (2012)
  • Careers in Comparative and International Development (2011)
  • Fieldwork (2011)
  • The publication process (2011)
  • Individual identity-exploration of experience (2010)
  • Policy and economic development (2010)
  • Current issues in our globalized society (2010)
  • New directions in gender and education (2007)
  • Family life and academic stress (2009, 2008)
  • Family stress and academic life (2007)

All participants are welcome, be they master’s students, doctoral students, new faculty, practitioners, or people who are just exploring international comparative education.


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