Essentials Workshops

New Scholars “Essentials” Workshops are special sessions devoted to assisting junior scholars with their professional development in key areas.

Stay tuned for CIES 2018 Essentials Workshops!

Previous sessions have included:

Other past sessions have covered the following topics:

  • Pursuing non-academic careers: Maximizing your academic experiences outside academia (2015)
  • The academic job market (2015)
  • The early years of academic careers: Hints and tips to stay afloat (2015)
  • Publishing: Hints and tips for turning research into publications (2015)
  • Balancing work, life and mental health in academia (2015)
  • Beyond IRB: Research ethics on the ground (2015)
  • Publication process (2014)
  • Academic careers: The early years (2014)
  • Preparing for an academic career: What you need to know (2014)
  • Pursuing non-academic careers: Maximizing your academic experiences outside of academic (2014)
  • Comparative methodology (2014)
  • Planning and preparing for research in international contexts (2013)
  • Pursuing non-academic careers (2013)
  • Delivering effective academic presentations (2013)
  • Professional qualifications for non-academic jobs (2013)
  • The academic job market (2013)
  • Tips on writing and publishing (2013)
  • Non-academic careers in comparative and international development education (2012)
  • Tips for funding (2012)
  • Preparing for an academic career in comparative and international development education (2012)
  • Writing and publishing information and tips for new scholars (2012)
  • Careers in Comparative and International Development (2011)
  • Fieldwork (2011)
  • The publication process (2011)
  • Individual identity-exploration of experience (2010)
  • Policy and economic development (2010)
  • Current issues in our globalized society (2010)
  • New directions in gender and education (2007)
  • Family life and academic stress (2009, 2008)
  • Family stress and academic life (2007)

All participants are welcome, be they master’s students, doctoral students, new faculty, practitioners, or people who are just exploring international comparative education.


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