2013-2014 CIES New Scholars Committee

  • Kara Janigan, PhD (OISE- University of Toronto)
  • Dante J. Salto (University at Albany, SUNY)
  • Margaret Fitzpatrick (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Dissertation Workshops Subcommittee
  • Wendan Li (University of Hawaii)
  • Linda Overing (Concordia University)
  • Gloria Zambrano (University at Albany, SUNY)
Publication Workshops Subcommittee
  • Brent Edwards (University of Maryland-College Park)
  • Sahtiya Logan (University of Virginia)
  • Elisabeth Wilson (University of Minnesota)
Essentials Series Subcommittee
  • Aryn Baxter (University of Minnesota) – Chair
  • Elisabeth Lefebvre (University of Minnesota) – Member
  • Ruirui Sun (University at Albany-SUNY)
  • Matthew Thomas (University of Minnesota) – Member
  • Bethany Wilinksi (University of Wisconsin-Madison) – Member
  • Maria Ishaq Khan (University at Albany, SUNY)
  • Andrea Brown Murga (New York University)
  • Emily Anderson (Penn State)
  • Rufeeda Bukhari (OISE- University of Toronto)
  • Vilelmini Tsagkaraki (McGill University)
Review Subcommittee
  • Heidi Eschenbacher (University of Minnesota)
  • Mariusz Galczynski (McGill University)
  • Mary Chandy Vayaliparampil (Penn State)
  • Rhiannon Williams, PhD (University of Minnesota)
Special Advisor to the Committee
  • Mary Chandy Vayaliparampil, PhD (Penn State)

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