New Scholars Committee – Publication Mentoring Workshop

Call for Proposals: Proposal Submission Deadline: October 1, 2016

Purpose of the Workshop

The New Scholars Publication Mentoring Workshop (NSPMW) is a unique opportunity for final stage and recent Ph.D. and Ed.D. graduates as well as early career professionals to discuss a paper that they have developed – or would like to refine – for publication with experienced scholars and peers. Participants will be provided feedback, particularly on the paper sections related to theoretical framework, methodology, and findings. The NSPMW will also contribute to strengthening links among peers in other international education programs.


Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

To apply for the workshop, you must be:

  • A Ph.D. or Ed.D. Candidate in the final dissertation writing stage or a recent graduates/early career professional ( who graduated not more than 4 years ago)
  • A members of CIES, registered/planning to register for the CIES 2017 Conference
  • No have previously participated in a Publication Mentoring Workshop. Participants must be committed to read and engage substantively with other group members’ publication draft both prior to and during the workshop.

All proposals should contribute to the advancement of theory, practice, methodology or fieldwork in comparative and international education.


Proposal Criteria

To participate in this workshop, you must apply in advance by submitting a proposal abstract of 750 words. The abstract must include

  • an indication of whether you are a final stage doctoral student or recent graduate at the time of the conference. To enable a blind review process please, do NOT MENTION YOUR NAME
  • the objectives/purposes of the research;
  • the main research question(s)
  • theoretical or conceptual framework used and its connection to the literature.
  • research design, data collection methods, and analytic techniques.
  • results and evidence to support conclusions.

*Please note these criteria are slightly different from CIES general proposals criteria.

Your research must relate to comparative and international education as described on the CIES Webpage.


Time/Format of Workshop

Participants will be selected to participate in a NSDMW session, which will take place one full morning, either on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday during the CIES conference. Each workshop group will have 4-6 presenters and 1-3 faculty or professional mentors.

NOTE: You may apply to participate in the NSPMW as well as make another submission for a panel, paper, or poster presentation in the general pool. If you apply to participate in the NSPMW and submit a proposal to present at the main CIES conference, please ask for your presentation to not be scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday mornings. We urge you to do so because this is when the NSPMW take place. This also us in assigning you to the most appropriate group with respect to your topic.

If you are selected to participate in the workshop:

  • You will be required to submit a publication draft of not more than 8000 words, excluding references.
  • You will be required to submit 3-5 open-ended questions that you have regarding your publication draft. The publication draft will be circulated to all members of the New Scholars Publication Mentoring Workshop.

Please keep in mind that prior to the NSPMW, you will be required to read all the papers in your assigned group (not more than four) and to prepare comments on the questions your group members pose about their draft.


Travel Grants

A limited number of New Scholar travel grants are available to participants of the NSPMW. All those who are selected to participate in the Workshop will be considered for the travel grant unless they have secured other funding. All participants, with or without a travel grant, will have the same opportunity to interact with other doctoral students and CIES faculty.

After acceptance to the workshop, participants will be sent a survey regarding travel grants. The New Scholars will make decisions on the award allocation based on merit and information received through the surveys. Unfortunately, due to budget limitations, not all participants can receive travel grants.

There are three types of travel grants:

  • $400 travel grants awarded on the basis of merit (i.e. proposals with the highest review scores)
  • $500 travel grants awarded to students from under-represented institutions at CIES, based on financial need, and
  • $900 travel grants awarded to students from majority world contexts with substantial financial need.


Additional Conference Information

Regularly updated information on the 2017 CIES Annual Conference will be featured on the official website. If you have additional questions, please contact the organizers of the 2017 Publication Mentoring Workshops, at

Please also note that the Workshop is made possible by the News Scholars Committee (NSC) and unpaid faculty and student member volunteers. Financial support is provided by the CIES Secretariat.


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